UNLIMITED CPA Consultations

Real estate agents cannot reduce taxes without tax planning.  Tax planning does not happen without meetings.  Imagine a CPA firm who does not bill for time and actually WANTS clients to call!  Since we do not charge hourly you will be free to call anytime to fine tune your tax plan.

Bookkeeping & Payroll

Imagine you have your own back office CPA.  You can dump receipts on their desk and perfectly formatted financials are produced three times a year right before the tax planning calls you have with you CPA.  Opportunities to save on taxes are routinely spotted and accounted for to save you on taxes.  Sound good?

Tax Return Preparation

Your personal 1040 and S Corp 1120S tax returns are CPA prepared on-time using the perfectly formatted financial statements JarusRE has already produced for you.  No deductions are missed!  If you are looking for a focused CPA for real estate agents we are ready to serve you.

By signing up you will be unlocking your own team of CPA’s, accountants and bookkeepers who will attack your taxes! JarusRE provides clients with a reasonable monthly fee for UNLIMITED services from a CPA firm which specializes in REALTORS. No contracts whatsoever. We know you will love the convenience of our services!
Within 24 hours of signing up you will be contacted by your new CPA who will assess your current tax situation and recommend steps for immediate action. If a corporation is needed your CPA will help walk you through the process. We will setup payroll processing at no additional charge. Your CPA will review your past tax returns for missed deductions. Next we will setup a secure “read only” connection to your bank to download statements, transactions and check images so we can work in the background while you are busy closing deals for your clients!
Yes! You are going to love us. We take the pain out of taxes and bookkeeping. These two services, when harmonized together by your CPA firm, provide the ultimate foundation for tax savings. We specialize in REALTORS® and implement proven strategies on a daily basis for our REALTOR® clients. We use technology and hard work to ensure no deduction is missed or lost with our receipt scanning solutions. We are convenient, we are reliable, we are affordable. You will have the ultimate CPA for REALTORS® on your side!

Why You’ll Love Working with Us

  • You will never receive another “surprise” bill from your CPA. We have one low monthly rate for UNLIMITED services.
  • Bookkeeping for REALTORS has never been easier. Jarus RE does it all for you!
  • UNLIMITED tax planning meetings ensure you are not overpaying on tax.
  • REALTORS who have self-filed and have never experienced tax planning save on average $6,389 using our tax strategies (applies to REALTORS with gross commission over $150,000 annually).
  • You get to “dump receipts on our desk” using pre-addressed, postage pre-paid envelopes.

We Proudly Serve High Performing REALTORS® at Many of the Nation’s Top Brokerages