One Simple Price for Unlimited Tax & Accounting Support

We simplify taxes.  We simplify accounting.  Plain and simple.  We use our experience with real estate agents to legally minimize taxes for our clients.  We can do this because we specialize in serving you: the real estate professional.  Everything we do is centered around helping real estate agents succeed in what they do best by doing what we do best: working as your back office CPA.  For one simple, reasonable, fixed-fee you can have your own accounting staff including CPA’s, bookkeepers and payroll processors dominating your taxes and accounting while you focus on selling.

By serving as one single source for all of your accounting needs JarusRE is able to create cost savings which we pass on to our clients.  Aside from the cost savings our clients find the convenience of having one firm handle all functions priceless.  Gone are the days of working with a CPA you only see once a year for taxes, with a bookkeeper who you need to constantly feed information to, to the payroll company who you need to shuffle information around for.  JarusRE handles all of your tax and accounting needs beautifully.

It doesn’t get any simpler than this! No more surprise bills.

Package 1

  • $0 – $350,000

Package 2

  • $350,000 – $600,000

Package 3

  • $600,000 – $1,000,000

Our Philosophy on Pricing: Fixed Just Works

Too often we find clients at other firms are afraid to call their CPA because of the hourly fees.  The unfortunate result is these clients never end up getting the valuable attention they need.  As a real estate agent you are operating your own business and one cannot afford to ignore the MANY tax deductions available to business owners.  JarusRE has cracked the code and built a super system which allows us to focus on real estate agents and delivery of services in a highly efficient manner which is not only convenient but ensures we locate EVERY tax deduction to which you are entitled as a business owner.  We’re also able to offer real estate agents UNLIMITED consultations ensuring that we are comfortable no deductions are lost.  What is more important however is that you will be comfortable knowing you can call us whenever there is a change in your personal or work finances allowing us to make changes that benefit you from a tax perspective.