IRS audit for real estate agent

We are Constantly Audit-Proofing Our Clients

The entire JarusRE program is centered around the specific needs of REALTORS®.  We find that many new clients, and their previous tax preparers, have not done an adequate job of implementing document retention, receipt scanning, reasonable compensation studies and other important defensive mechanisms to protect the REALTOR® client.  As specialists in the taxation of REALTORS® we know and implement the most effective tax savings strategies but we also have the audit-proofing systems in place to back them up.

Our audit-proofing process for real estate agents includes:

  1. Reasonable Compensation Studies – protecting clients by performing the analysis up front and having providing support from state labor boards, the Federal government and trade association studies.
  2. Document Retention – Every client is provided a document vault which contains all necessary support for each tax return filed ensuring our REALTOR® clients have the information needed in an audit
  3. Receipt Scanning – Our clients are allowed to in essence dump receipts on their bookkeepers desk.  We promptly scan all receipts and host them on a secure portal for our clients.
  4. Audit Representation – Our monthly clients receive unlimited audit support if they are ever audited for a tax year prepared by JarusRE.  In the event a client is audited their personal CPA will jump into action filing a power of attorney and taking over all communications with the IRS or state authorities until the issue is resolved.  All at no additional charge to our monthly clients!

It is not enough to just implement a great, legal tax reduction strategy as it also needs to be backed up with support.  Our CPAs and accountants operate such that our REALTOR® clients are always prepared for an audit.