bookkeeping for REALTORS

Bookkeeping Tailored to the Needs of Real Estate Agents

We haven’t met a REALTOR yet that loves doin’ it.  We understand your hate for bookkeeping AND we have a system that will take this nightmare off your plate!

Each client with our firm has a dedicated bookkeeper so there is one single, and familiar, point of contact.  Your dedicated bookkeeper will use bank statements to account for all items of income, expense and properly identify asset, liability and equity transactions.  Please expect to have several emails and phone calls with your bookkeeper the first 90 days as we become familiar with your business.  After the first 90 days expect to receive a short list of items we could not identify in the prior month.  You provide us a quick few words about each and send back to your bookkeeper and the month is closed.  Reports are issued on the 10th of each month for the prior month (along with some nice YTD reports by month).   Our clients keep their own receipts and do not need to mail them into our office.  We have some great FREE tools which real estate agents can also use to “go paperless” and save digital copies of receipts (the IRS is now OK with digital copies).

We use a secure “read only” connection to your bank to download transactions, statements and check images.  Again we are able to properly record all transactions and do so without asking many questions.

The single largest difference between JarusRE and traditional bookkeepers is our skill and expertise when it comes to taxes.  You will have a CPA firm, who specializes in real estate agents, managing your books and looking out for tax deductions as every transaction is entered.  Most bookkeepers are good at “getting everything in” and then leaving you with financial statements.  At JarusRE you’ll notice we have more account segmentation in your books because we are fighting to classify everything in such a way that we can achieve maximum tax deductibility.

Each month you will receive perfectly reconciled financial statements for your own review.  Your CPA will also have accurate information to review which will ensure you make all the right moves to minimize your tax liability.  Good bookkeeping is critical to the tax planning process!