tax planning for real estate agents

We Specialize in Serving REALTORS® and Implement Comprehensive Tax Plans

Tax Planning is where we shine!  Tax planning CPA’s are hard to find and we pride ourselves on making it the focus of our practice.  CPA’s are generally highly educated, hard working, intelligent and all around just great people :) however they too often take on so many different types of clients that it becomes hard for them to keep on top of it all.  When working with JarusRE you can rest assured knowing you have a CPA firm that has cracked the code and figured out how to keep on top if it all while still focusing on the important task of tax planning.  We do this by specializing in REALTORS®.  The bottom line is we know your business.  We work with highly successful real estate sales agents and brokers and we know what works.

Our focus has allowed us to build a system that is highly efficient and allows our bookkeeping team to keep your books in good order so our CPA’s can have highly effective tax planning meetings with clients.  Without reliable information it’s hard to have a productive tax planning meeting.  With JarusRE maintaining the books, running payroll, performing reasonable compensation studies annually and then preparing your business and personal tax returns our CPA’s have all the information they need to make highly effective tax plans for our clients.