tax deductions for real estate agents

Forget Hourly Charges – NEVER be Afraid to Call Your CPA Again!

The concept for JarusRE was developed as the solution for two very troubling trend we observed:

  1. REALTORS® are afraid to call their CPA for tax planning!
  2. There is a HUGE lack of tax planning CPA’s in the market.

That’s right, you have always known it but maybe never said it.  You tend not to reach out to your CPA because of hourly fees (and surprise bills).  We have found that by specializing in real estate agents and by offering a fixed monthly fee we can ENCOURAGE our clients to call us and get the attention they so desperately need from their CPA.  The fact is most REALTORS® can benefit immensely from asking questions and receiving tax planning advice.  In the eyes of the IRS you are running your own business and thus there is a world of business tax deductions available to you.  Agents paid via 1099 are “in business” for themselves but so often they do not setup their business to minimize their tax liabilities.  We shine when it comes to tax planning for REALTORS®  and will walk you through the process step by step.  We actually love it when you call us! (and there is no additional hourly fee)

The second problem is that there is a huge void when it comes to tax planning CPA’s.  There are many great CPA’s in every market across the country.  They work hard and bang in the numbers that you provide to them each year.  They are very good at doing this.  The problem is clients need more than just “typing in the numbers”, clients need actionable advice and new ideas on how to save taxes.  Every real estate agent should have a CPA who systematically approaches the business structure and how the clients conducts business.  It also needs to be explained in plain English.  JarusRE not only demystifies the process of tax planning for REALTORS®  but we actually make it fun!